Weekly IP Buzz for week ending January 19, 2018

Weekly IP Buzz for week ending January 19, 2018

Protecting a Trade Secret; AncestryDNA and Privacy; Patent Litigation in China

Here's a summary of interesting developments in intellectual property, technology, social media, and Internet law for the week ending January 19, 2018.

Protecting a Trade Secret


Trade secrets are valuable intellectual property that give the owner a competitive edge against others in the same field. They are protected without registration and can last through infinite generations of owners, if they remain a secret. Therefore, protecting a trade secret and keeping it from the hands of competitors is fundamental to businesses utilizing trade secrets to their advantage. More

AncestryDNA’s Policies Under Scrutiny from Privacy Experts


Privacy policies and Terms of Use/Service are common legal agreements used to protect a website owner, company, or service provider. Ancestry’s policies, however, have recently come under scrutiny due to the company’s broad assertion over use and ownership of consumers’ DNA and other genetic information. Privacy experts warn that consumers should be primarily concerned with three of Ancestry’s provisions that specifically: 1) create a license for Ancestry to use consumer DNA; 2) a warning that Ancestry may use the DNA information against “you or a genetic relative”; and 3) waiver of legal rights. More

Patent Litigation in China: What Remedies are Available?


Often, clients have asked if remedies available in the United States for patent infringement are also available in China. As most would imagine, clients are interested in whether monetary relief is available and to what extent it can be obtained. They also ask about the ability of injunctive relief and, perhaps more importantly, whether the injunction would be enforced post-proceeding. Monetary and injunctive remedies are both available for patent cases in China. More

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