Thriving Attorney is a blog dedicated to exploring the business of the practice of law, productivity and performance for attorneys, and other topics such as law firm leadership and management, law firm culture, and business development for attorneys.  It is intended for lawyers to help them think about their business model.  

The blog is published by Darin M. Klemchuk, an intellectual property lawyer, business litigation trial attorney, and Founding Partner at Klemchuk LLP, a Dallas, Texas-based litigation, intellectual property, and transactional law firm.  See Darin's law firm bio for additional details about his legal practice.   

One of his chief passions is to revolutionize the way legal services are delivered through thought leadership on changing how law firms are structured and legal services are priced to provide a different kind of experience for both clients and professionals in the legal industry.  For additional thoughts on law firm culture, including topics such as corporate core values, workplace productivity, entrepreneurial management, positive work environment, positive workplace, and conscious capitalism, see our Culture Counts blog.   

The site also includes the Friday Happiness Post, a blog that discusses the relationship between happiness and purpose.  

The IP Trends blog provides up-to-date analysis and discussion of intellectual property law trends, and includes links to the Intellectual Property Law blog published by Klemchuk LLP, a firm focused on protecting innovation.  

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Important Disclaimers: The purpose of this website is to provide thought leadership about the business of the practice of law and spur discussion about such topics.  It is not intended for consumers of legal services. Further, while this site includes some educational content regarding intellectual property law, these posts are intended for lawyers and this website does not provide legal advice nor does it in any way create an attorney-client relationship, so readers should not rely on any of the information provided to make decisions and should retain counsel.  No effort will be made to update posts even if the law subsequently changes.