Weekly IP Buzz for week ending June 15, 2018

Weekly IP Buzz for week ending June 15, 2018

Ticketmaster Sues Over Alleged Illegal Bots; Hoverboard Fighting Segway at ITC; Driver's License Smartphone App?

Here's a summary of interesting developments in intellectual property, technology, social media, and Internet law for the week ending June 15, 2018.

Ticketmaster Sues Prestige Entertainment for Alleged Illegal Bot Use



A U.S. district judge has given the go-ahead for a federal lawsuit between Prestige Entertainment and Ticketmaster, alleging illegal bot use, copyright infringement and other violations of intellectual property law, to continue in federal court. Ticketmaster filed a lawsuit against Prestige Entertainment alleging that Prestige used computer bots to purchase large amounts of tickets to blockbuster events that include, for example, the play “Hamilton” and the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match. In May, a California district court judge ruled that Ticketmaster’s petition did indeed include a legitimate claim, and as such, did not warrant dismissal by the court. Read more about bot use.

Makers of Hoverboard Fighting Segway at ITC


The U.S. International Trade Commission has begun investigating a complaint that Powerboard LLC’s “Hoverboard,” among other companies and products, violates a collection of patents held by Segway, Inc. You have probably seen high school and college students rolling by you recently on a two-wheeled contraption that reminded you of Marty McFly from Back to the Future, Part II. That contraption would be a “Powerboard by Hoverboard,” and Segway alleges that Powerboard LLC violates Section 337 of the Tariff Act by importing and selling the Powerboards and their components. This is actually Segway’s second complaint to the International Trade Commission regarding these patents this year. Read more about Hoverboard.

Will Electronic Driver’s License App Entitle Police to Search Smartphones?


Iowa has become the first state to actively pursue the use of electronic drivers’ licenses on smartphones. Announced in 2015, Iowa’s Department of Transportation began plans to offer their own license mobile application to state drivers for free. The electronic application would allow Iowa police to accept the application at traffic stops in lieu of a traditional license, and Iowa intends to also allow airport security officers to use the application for identification purposes as well. While many states already allow drivers to demonstrate proof of insurance via electronic means, this would mark the first time a state recognizes electronic applications as proof of identification. Read more about your privacy and the police.

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